• People need feedback to develop and improve.

    360 degree feedback helps people work more effectively by providing the information they need to confirm or change behaviour.

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  • What do your employees know that you don’t?

    What makes employees give their best? What makes them stay or leave? How can you promote engagement?

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  • How do you keep in touch with your stakeholders?

    Get the vital information and ideas you need to succeed!

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360 Degree Feedback & Employee Surveys to Build Great Leaders, Teams and Organisations

360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback and Appreciative Inquiry to develop leaders and staff.

Employee Surveys

Surveys that engage your employees and let them tell you what you need to know.

360 Degree Feedback

Our 360 Degree Feedback Survey or Yours

Choose one of our unique 360 degree feedback surveys or create your own survey. The choice is yours. Our unique approach to 360 degree feedback makes it easier for respondents to give feedback and participants to receive it.

Proven surveys

360 Facilitated offers a unique range of strengths-based, low-threat 360 degree feedback surveys and development planning resources to help people learn from others in a positive, supportive way and to make lasting changes in their behaviour. Our proven surveys, including the suite of Leader/Manager 360 degree feedback surveys, offer a range of features and an easy-to-use web interface.

Customised surveys

We can also help you design and host your own customised 360 degree feedback survey using your organisation’s capability framework or competencies.

Process that ensures success

Our 360 degree surveys and quality reports make the process easy.  The 360 degree feedback process provides constructive support, fosters collaboration and improves productivity. The process is secure and comes with comprehensive development resources to support.

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    360 Degree Feedback: Creating Lasting Change.

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    Employee Surveys to Help Make the Right Decisions

    Get the information you need

    Leaders must have the right information to make good decisions for their organisations and their people. Leaderskill has created the 360 Facilitated® range of innovative employee surveys / staff surveys, climate surveys and other organisational surveys to provide you with the insights that lead to success.

    Employee surveys are critical to get to the heart of your organisation’s strengths and opportunities.

    Flexible survey tool and reports

    We have a powerful, flexible survey tool that hosts surveys of every kind, including special purpose organisational surveys designed by experts in their fields. Leaders can easily identify key opportunities for change thanks to the clearly laid out format of the feedback and the comprehensive range of reports. Reports are easily downloadable as high quality PDFs directly from the website.

    Off-the-shelf or customised surveys

    Whether you need an off-the-shelf and proven employee survey or a fully customised survey, we have the expertise and experience to ensure success.

    Proven survey process

    Our experienced approach to employee surveys and feedback makes it easier for respondents to give feedback and for leaders to receive it. Our process has proven successful in diverse environments, including strongly traditional cultures where employee feedback is not always easily accepted.

    360 degree feedback ours yours

    “The Leader/Manager model is very, very good and has benefits well beyond the obvious purpose. Coachees really value its ‘face validity’, its power and ease of use in understanding the causes of the need for change, and in formulating meaningful action plans. The process explores the drivers of, and barriers to, performance at the individual, team and organisational level and provides the means to improve performance. It is a powerful, multi-dimensional tool!”


    “What better way to look at one’s self than through the eyes of the people you rely upon to get the mission accomplished? The Program was so successful that we provided an opportunity for all staff to contribute, and for all supervisors and key people to benefit from the feedback in a way that enabled everyone to plan effective, targeted and structured improvement. We are using the information to build Individual Development Plans.”


    “Leaderskill Group has assisted our strategic planning with their Mega Planning methodology for over seven years.

    In the paper we presented, I estimated that Defence Consulting had saved between 5 and 8 million dollars – without counting the savings to our stakeholders, including government – just on the redevelopment of the historical Randwick Barracks site in Sydney.”

    360 degree feedback debrief

    Experienced Consulting Guidance

    We can accredit your team or consultants or we can facilitate the feedback for you

    360 degree feedback or employee feedback is just the beginning. It stimulates reflection and insights which then need to be nurtured and reviewed, turned into meaningful goals with professional development leading to lasting change. 360 Facilitated® provides consulting support, development planning resources and facilitator training to help leaders, people and organisations reach their full potential. Our experienced accredited consultants work with you to achieve your long-term aims for the program.

    We use Appreciative Inquiry

    A principle of Appreciative Inquiry states that, “what you focus on grows”. Look for problems – find more problems. Look for strengths, find what’s best! So, focus on your Strengths.

    Rather than searching for problems to fix, Appreciative Inquiry (AI) identifies what people are already doing well and extends these strengths to the point where the problems are no longer relevant. It does not ignore problems, it helps people and systems grow beyond them.

    Appreciative Inquiry is one of the key methodologies we use to develop Employee Engagement. Problem Solving is a ‘plan B’ we use if there are still issues to be resolved (and that’s rare).

    Easy Process, Responsive Support

    We create the context for success

    We take the time to find out your goals for developing your people and set up measures for Return on Investment (ROI). Together, we design a program of feedback that will help you achieve your goals. We help you prepare your culture to readily take on the feedback and development program.

    Our process is easy, safe and confidential

    We help you set up and launch the survey using our secure online survey system. You can manage the process yourself or we can do it for you. Our system automatically sends out friendly reminders to ensure respondents complete on time. You can download the high-quality reports, professional development plans, and statistical aggregate reports as soon as the questionnaires are completed.

    Support is available at every stage

    Participants are guided to use the 360 degree feedback, guides and development planning resources for their ongoing learning and growth with support from our accredited facilitators or yours.

    Responsive survey support
    360 degree feedback reports

    Reports that Provide Insight

    360 degree feedback profiles/reports and employee survey reports have to be easily understood in order to encourage positive change.

    With any of our surveys, participants and leaders can easily identify their key opportunities for change thanks to the clearly laid out format of the feedback and the comprehensive range of diagrams and graphs.

    Reports are downloadable as high quality PDFs directly from the website.

    Get Results Right Away

    Sometimes it can take a while to see the bigger changes as people grow their skills and step into a new way of working with others. However, the process of reflection and doing things differently often begins on the first day of receiving feedback.

    With the right 360 degree feedback or employee survey program, changes build quickly and become the ‘new way of doing things’, with improving collaboration, innovation and performance of individuals and teams.

    The end result is significant and measurable Return on Investment.

    360 degree feedback ROI return on investment

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