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Feedback Experience & Expertise

For almost four decades 360 Facilitated and Leaderskill Group have focused on helping leaders and teams perform at their best. Our unique 360 degree feedback, survey and leadership development programs have been successful with clients and consultants in private and public sectors, across Health, Government, Universities, Industry, Finance, Information Technology and Community organisations.

Our consulting experts have designed and implemented 360 degree feedback, employee survey and leadership programs ranging from experiential leadership training to strengths-based team facilitation. As innovators in the field, we specialise in designing and delivering feedback-driven professional development and team facilitation using an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach. AI improves communication and openness and creates engagement. These development programs that incorporate unique 360 degree feedback and organisational surveys are often large and continue over years.

We continually look for best practices in helping people achieve lasting change in their work. We are continually innovating and learning from our clients in order to provide ever better solutions.

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360 Degree Feedback

Our 360 degree feedback experience provides leaders and people with the insights they need to work more effectively. Our unique approach to 360 degree feedback makes it easier for respondents to give feedback and participants to receive it. We believe in helping people grow their strengths and creating an environment that allows them to become even better leaders and contributors.

360 Facilitated offers a proven range of strengths-based 360 degree feedback surveys. We focus on a positive, supportive approach to help people make lasting changes in their behaviour. We also customise 360 degree feedback surveys. If desired, we help you design and host your own customised 360 degree feedback survey based on your organisation’s own capability framework or competencies. Our 360 degree feedback surveys are secure and easy to use and deliver high quality reports along with supporting development resources.

Leadership Development

We have four decades of experience in developing leaders. We have researched and pioneered some of the best ways to grow leadership at every level and to make positive differences in leaders, people, teams and organisations.

We use Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and Positive Psychology in all our work to help people build on their strengths.

360 Facilitated can train your internal coaches or facilitators to deliver programs successfully. We can also provide one of our experienced accredited consultants to work with you to ensure that you achieve the outcomes you want.

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Employee Surveys & Organisational Surveys

Organisational surveys and employee surveys are important to help you understand what is happening within your organisation. What people think? What ideas they have? What they need? What changes are required? Employee feedback and organisational feedback are critical to setting the right direction for your long-term success.

We have a range of innovative staff survey / employee survey, climate surveys and stakeholder surveys for your staff to let you know what they need to work at their best.

Our surveys are easy to set up, run and comprehensive reports provide the necessary insights to drive action where needed. They help you decide what action is required to most effectively support and engage your employees and bring people together to improve your organisation.

Proven Methodologies & Tools

360 Facilitated provides a suite of low threat, non-confrontational 360 degree feedback surveys that use the research-based Leader/Manager Model™. These surveys are linked to Emotional Intelligence (EI) and mappable to specific organisational capabilities.

We are also highly experienced at hosting client’s own customised 360 degree feedback surveys, employee surveys and organisational surveys. We can also provide one of our special-purpose surveys designed by experts in their fields, such as the Change Agent 360, Workplace Styles, Board Governance, Sport and Recreation Stakeholders, Trust Survey and more.

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