Organisational Surveys

Organisational Surveys

Surveys tell you what you must know. We can help you get the information you need. Our organisational surveys put you in touch with people – how they feel and how they act when you’re not around. Understanding and responding to what people think about your organisation can mean:

  • Success or failure
  • Profitability or just survival

Leaders need the right information to make good decisions for their organisations. 360 Facilitated has developed a range of staff, organisational, employee, climate and stakeholder surveys that help you get to the heart of how people feel and what they think. We have a flexible and powerful survey tool that enables us to host surveys of every kind, including special purpose organisational surveys designed by experts in their fields.

‘Whether you need an off-the-shelf and proven survey or a full customised organisational survey, 360 Facilitated and Leaderskill has the expertise and experience to ensure success.’

Dylan Forbes, Principal of 360 Davilitated and Director of Leaderskill Group

Our experienced approach to organisational surveys makes it easier for people to give feedback and for leaders to receive it.

Getting feedback should be more than just an ‘annual ‘checklist’. It provides insight into:

  • Signposts to organisational improvement
  • The ‘covert culture’ that determines how people relate to each other and to the organisation
  • And compliance!
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Our Special Purpose Surveys Designed by Experts

360 Facilitated offers a range of proven organisational and stakeholder surveys including:

Entente Building Trust Survey

Are you actively building or breaking trust in your organisation?

  • With your customers, your sales and front-line staff?
  • With your back office and production staff?
  • With the community?

Corporate Governance & Boards of Directors

Ensure Due Diligence is followed and operation meets legislated requirements

Mystery Shopping

Find out how good your customer service really is!

Call Centre Management

Check morale and the perceived working environment

Climate Surveys

How do your people really feel about working in your organisation?

Stakeholder Surveys

How do stakeholders feel about the organising associations they work with?

Your Customised Organisational Surveys

We host a range  of surveys from specific technical areas where data is required, to broader climate, staff and employee engagement surveys along with benchmarking surveys to measure progress regularly.

Our  powerful and flexible survey platform is able to provide every kind of survey stucture, scale and free text comments that you require.

360 degree feedback reports graphs
Group facilitation debrief

Consulting Analysis and Advice

We can help you get the feedback you need no matter what your goals

What do your people know that you don’t? How do they really feel about your organisation? What do they need in order to become fully engaged?

Make the right decisions

Making good organisational decisions and planning for the future is highly dependent on accurately understanding your staff’s and stakeholder’s perceptions, needs and expectations. The consequences of these decisions can impact the future of the entire organisation – its success or failure. This is information that you must know!

Professional survey expertise, experience and support

Our organisational surveys help you understand the critical aspects of your culture and whether you are bringing your people with you or leaving them behind. Building an engaged workforce has a significant impact on the bottom line. Our staff and employee surveys, engagement and culture surveys, stakeholder surveys are created by experts in their fields for every kind of situation.

Proven Survey Process

We create the right context for success

We take the time to find out your goals for getting feedback and set up measures for Return on Investment (ROI). We work with you to design a program of feedback to achieve your goals. We help you prepare people to take part in the feedback and survey process.

Our process is easy, safe and confidential

We help you set up and launch the survey using our secure online survey system. You can manage the process yourself or we can do it for you. Our system effectively manages the follow up process and the process of sending polite reminders to ensure respondents complete on time. High-quality reports, professional development plans, and statistical aggregate reports can be downloaded as soon as the questionnaires are completed.

Support is available at every stage

We guide you to use the feedback results for planning organisational actions with support from our experienced consultants or yours.

Easy to use organisational surveys
Organisational surveys admin

Responsive Support & Easy Administration

Our aim is to help you achieve your aims and objectives. We provide you with our expertise and support to ensure your program is a success, from initial design and implementation of your program through to measuring the results.

Our survey system and professional development resources are secure and easy to use. We provide phone and email support at every stage.

We can manage the entire program for you or support you to running it locally. We can also train your internal facilitators to facilitate presentations  or provide one of our experienced accredited consultants to work with you.

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