Employee Surveys

Employee Surveys

Leaders need the right information to make good decisions for their organisations and for their people. 360 Facilitated, which is part of the Leaderskill Group, has developed a range of innovative employee surveys / staff surveys, climate surveys and other employee related surveys. Employee surveys are critical to get to the heart of your organisation’s strengths and opportunities. We have a powerful, flexible survey tool that hosts surveys of every kind, including special purpose organisational surveys designed by experts in their fields.

‘Whether you need an off-the-shelf and proven employee survey or a full customised survey, 360 Facilitated and Leaderskill Group have the expertise and experience to ensure success.’

Dylan Forbes, Director, Leaderskill Group

Our experienced approach to employee surveys and feedback makes it easier for respondents to give feedback and leaders to receive it. Our process has proven successful in diverse environments, including strongly traditional cultures where employee feedback is not always easily accepted.

Easy to use employee staff surveys

Our Survey or Yours?

Whether you would like to use one of our tried-and-tested employee surveys / staff surveys, improve the survey you already have, or are looking to create an employee survey from scratch, our range of unique features and easy-to-use web interface will ensure you get the results that you want.

Our employee surveys and high-quality reports are easy to understand and can be fully customised to your industry or capability framework to provide constructive guidance that fosters collaboration and improves productivity.

Consulting Experience and Advice

We can help you get the employee feedback you need

What do your people know that you don’t? How do they really feel about your organisation? What do they need in order to become fully engaged?

We help you make the right decisions

Making good leadership decisions and future planning is highly dependent on clearly understanding staff and employee perceptions, ideas, needs and expectations. The consequences of these decisions can impact the future for the entire organisation and for its leaders and people – its success or failure. You simply must get employee feedback on a regular basis!

We provide employee survey expertise and experience

Our employee surveys help you understand critical aspects of your organisation and your people. The surveys identify whether you are bringing your people with you or leaving them behind. Building an engaged employee workforce has a significant impact on the bottom line. We have staff and employee surveys, engagement surveys and culture surveys created by experts in their fields for every kind of situation.

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Proven Survey Process

We create the context for success

We take the time to find out your goals for your employee survey and staff feedback. We also set up measures for Return on Investment (ROI). We work with you to design a program of employee feedback that will help you achieve your goals. We help you prepare your culture to take part in the employee survey / staff survey process.

Our employee survey process is easy, safe and confidential

We help you set up and launch the employee survey using our secure online survey system. You can manage the employee survey process yourself or we can do it for you. Our survey system automatically sends out polite reminders to ensure employees complete their survey on time and to maximise the response rate. High-quality reports, professional development plans, and statistical aggregate reports can be downloaded as soon as the questionnaires are completed.

We support at every stage

We guide you to use the feedback results for planning organisational actions with support from our accredited facilitators or yours.

Reports that Give you Insights

Understanding what is happening in your organisation is critical to setting the right direction for your long-term success. We have a range of innovative employee surveys / staff surveys, engagement surveys, climate surveys and other employee surveys to let you know what staff need to work at their best.

Our comprehensive employee survey reports are easily interpreted and understood in order to create employee engagement and encourage positive change. With any of our surveys, clients can easily identify their key opportunities for change thanks to the clearly laid out format of the feedback, the variety of diagrams and graphs and the consulting analysis provided.

Our reports can be downloaded as high quality PDFs directly from the website. Surveys are easy to set up, run and interpret. The employee survey reports help you decide the changes that will most effectively support and engage your employees and bring people together to improve teams and your organisation.

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Simple Administration & Responsive Support

Our aim is to help you achieve your outcomes. From the initial design and implementation of your employee survey program through to measuring the results, we provide you with our expertise and guidance to ensure your employee survey is a success.

Our online employee survey system and professional development resources are secure and easy to use. We fully support you by phone and email at every stage.

We can manage the entire program for you or support you to running the survey locally. We can train your internal facilitators to debrief leaders and staff or provide one of our experienced accredited consultants to work with you.

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