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360 Degree Feedback Facilitation

Many 360 degree feedback providers just give people a document to digest without support. This is not our approach. Our experience over decades has proven that if managers and organisations are to gain real benefit from a program of 360 degree feedback, managers must be supported.

We therefore make available a full range of facilitation and coaching services. We also provide accreditation programs for clients, their staff and their consultants. Effective facilitation ensures maximum benefit for the 360 degree feedback participant, their team and those giving feedback.  It also ensures a positive return on investment (ROI) for the organisation.

Appreciative Inquiry is central to our feedback facilitation and people development approach.

360 degree feedback facilitation

Appreciative Inquiry Facilitation is the Key to Value

Considerations in the feedback process include the following.

The initial briefing

The survey program begins with a full briefing to managers and, where possible, their respondents. This covers the ethical principles of the 360 Facilitated® program and the value it offers to managers and the organization, and how it will operate. This ensures that participating managers have a thorough understanding of the process before it starts, have trust in the process and the facilitator, and can prepare themselves to receive the maximum value. It also builds trust with the respondents and helps them contribute in a meaningful way.

The debrief

The debrief provides Participants with the opportunity to meet with their facilitator or coach to discuss the 360 degree feedback, its implications and their reactions to it. It is also the time for them to explore any concerns they may have and to start planning for what comes next. This can be conducted individually or with groups.

The team session

Our unique process of Team Facilitation has developed from our long experience with focus groups and Accelerated Learning. Led by the Facilitator, it uses an Appreciative Inquiry approach to appreciate strengths and build morale, resulting in innovative solutions that arise from the knowledge and capability of the group. Action plans obtain full ‘buy-in’. A similar methodology is used with peer groups – see below.

The overriding aim of the Team Session is to build a culture of contribution through appreciation, open communication, sharing of ideas and learning, and increased delegation of responsibility.

Team facilitation – adding value

The quality of the facilitation is the critical ingredient in working through the Team Session. A skilled Facilitator and a carefully structured process are required in order to gain the confidence of both manager and team members, bring out the issues that matter to them, and lead on to action plans that are fully supported and implemented by all. These plans often include increased delegation to the team, and improved ways to operate.

Peer groups

Working with Peers is generally used as a follow-up to team facilitation. Our methodology promotes maximum appreciation among the managers, and gains cooperation in resolving any difficulties that may exist for individuals or for the group.

Ongoing coaching

To help Participants maintain their focus on issues or learning needs that come up in the feedback, we recommend ongoing follow-up or coaching on a regular basis, usually monthly at first and then quarterly. The first meeting typically centres on building or refining the action plan so that Participants have clear goals to work towards. These services can be provided by our facilitators or by yours. We have a network of accredited and experienced consultants in many countries, or we can accredit your people to deliver the program. Accreditation & Support.

Accreditation in 360 Facilitated®

Why accredit?

Skilled facilitation is a pre-requisite for success. Experienced consultants (internal or external) are necessary. We provide 2 levels of accreditation.

  1. Accreditation Level 1 familiarises people with the 360 degree feedback profiles, their use and interpretation. It helps launch a program of development or coaching and debrief the Participants (managers or other).
  2. Accreditation Level 2 gives you the additional skills to use our unique leader and team facilitation method of joint decision making and action planning. This is based on Appreciative Inquiry. Workshops or distance learning.

Assess organisational readiness

We help you assess the readiness of your organisation or group if it is to benefit from 360 Facilitated® or any 360 degree feedback program you choose. This will help you estimate the requirements of your group or organisation to undertake any program of 360 degree feedback.

Methods of accreditation

Leaderskill Group wants your 360 Facilitated® program to be completely successful. We offer you these options, please select your preference:

  • We provide a consultant who can  visit you and work with you  – recommended for level 2 accreditation
  • You visit an authorised accrediting consultant or to become accredited (level 2)
  • Distance learning (levels 1 and 2).


Our aim is to help our Accredited Consultants achieve full success with any of our 360 degree feedback programs that they undertake. We do this by:

  • Providing adequate training either in workshops or distance learning.
  • Being accessible, available for advice, following up and providing all updates.
  • Doing our best to meet special needs that sometimes arise locally or with specific Participant groups.
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