Our relationships with clients and consultants extend over many years. We work with clients and consultants to understand their needs, make recommendations based on our experience, and help to implement solutions that will develop leaders, teams, employees and their organisation.

We can accredit internal facilitators or consultants to run programs or we can provide one of our highly experienced accredited consultants. In-house facilitators should have prior experience in coaching and facilitation.

Accreditation – why accredit?

The success of your program depends on how you prepare your people and how you deliver the feedback. Our accreditation training gives you the skills to do both of these well using the unique features of the Leader/Manager 360 degree surveys and a strengths-based, Appreciative Inquiry (AI) facilitation approach. It avoids judging participants, and instead concentrates on the needs of those involved and building confidence.

How we accredit

We accredit consultants and facilitators in workshops or by distance learning or by using a combination of both. We supply you with detailed guidance material, PowerPoint display sets, and all program delivery materials needed to run the program. We provide ongoing support by phone and email.

Help to succeed

We help you succeed by providing training, being accessible for advice and planning, and keeping you up to date with the latest developments in our methodologies. Our approach is to partner with you to help you achieve the highest level of results and ROI.

360 degree feedback facilitation
360 degree feedback facilitation

Accreditation Levels

Accreditation Level 1

Accreditation Level 1 provides you with everything you need to run a successful feedback program. Our approach emphasises ‘strengths’ and morale building right from the start. You can launch the program, prepare participants to receive their feedback, and coach them with their results to drive their professional development.

Accreditation Level 2

Accreditation Level 2 gives you the additional skills to use our unique Appreciative Inquiry-based manager and team facilitation methodology to help the team create motivating shared goals and joint action plans. It allows participants to focus on their strengths as a team and where else they can use them. This is the most powerful way to debrief Leader/Manager 360 degree feedback profiles, resulting in maximum buy-in, performance improvement and culture change.

Consultant Accreditation

We support both in-house and independent consultants in countries around the globe. As a result, we have many local consultants to whom we can refer programs. To contact some of our independent Accredited Consultants please contact us.

How we support consultants

Our aim is to help our Accredited Consultants achieve full success with any of our 360 degree feedback programs that they undertake. We do this by:

  • Providing adequate training either in workshops or through distance learning.
  • Being accessible, available for advice, following up and providing all updates.
  • Doing our best to meet special needs that sometimes arise locally or with specific participant groups.


Our approach is always to partner with consultants and with our own client organisations in order to help them plan and obtain the highest level of results and Return on Investment. This sometimes involves supporting consultants with proposals and tenders, or simply reviewing options, opportunities and costing – even franchising. It means working in partnership. If you would like to discuss any issue with us at any time, please contact us and we will be very glad to assist.

We are always be glad to share our experience with you about ways that organisations use the many forms of 360 Facilitated®.

360 degree review debriefing

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