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Customised 360 Degree Feedback Surveys

Whether you would like to use one of our tried-and-tested 360 degree feedback surveys, improve the survey you already have, or are looking to create a customised survey from scratch, our range of unique features and easy-to-use web interface will ensure you get the results that you want.

360 Facilitated and Leaderskill Group have four decades of experience designing customised 360 degree feedback surveys.

Surveys range from brief interpersonal skills tests to organisational climate surveys – including specific competency assessments for training programs. We design or tailor surveys to your requirements. Specialist questionnaires are also available from experts in their fields.

We can review your survey design with you and advise based on our decades of experience. We help you get the most useful information in the easiest possible way.

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Designing your Customised 360 Degree Feedback Survey

You have many options, such as:

  • Highly flexible hosting for surveys, user defined competency frameworks, scales, weighting, dropdown menus, dynamic graphics, and commenting throughout. Question sub-sets and ‘open’ questions as needed. Instructional materials.
  • Number of questions – not limited. Number of competency areas (and sub-area headings if required) – not limited
  • Multiple categories of respondents (e.g. staff, peers, customers internal and external, ‘bosses’, mentors, self…)
  • Reliable and secure website. Privacy of email addresses assured
  • Fast input, user friendly for all – paper and mixed surveys easily handled if required
  • Statistical profiles for demographic groups – available online. Demographic cuts of the data.
  • Full technical support via email or telephone
  • You monitor and manage the entire process yourself – or have us do it
  • Access to specialists and special purpose surveys. In addition, full e-learning, compliance education, and assessment capability.
  • Software systems available for intranets.
  • Report Format: profiles/reports illustrate the data with multiple graphing formats (e.g. radar. pie charts and bar graphs), also dynamic interactive graphics. Prioritised, detailed and aggregate data. Statistical reporting whenever you require it.
  • Printing: profiles and statistics are generated online as high quality PDF documents and downloaded directly by the person or people chosen.

Hosting your Customised 360 Degree Feedback Survey

Gather critical feedback by hosting your own customised 360 degree feedback survey to gather critical information from managers and others. This can include feedback from direct reports, peers, customers, the manager’s manager and more.

Formats are highly flexible. We offer our experience in survey design if you need it.

Adding value to your customised 360 degree feedback survey

We can also add to the value to your customised 360 degree feedback surveys by facilitating the participant debrief. This ensures that the feedback is given and received in the most positive way and prepares the participant for ongoing professional development.

In addition, we can facilitate the manager-team interaction. Our unique Appreciative Inquiry process gets rapidly to the central issues – and ensures the full support of manager and team, builds morale, and increases performance for both manager and team .


360 Facilitated® development profiles have been successfully used at all levels of management in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Middle East, Canada and USA across both private and public sectors.

Our 360 Leader/Manager Profile™ has been used by the AGSM (Australian Graduate School of Management – UNSW) for twelve years. We have assisted in design and have hosted their custom Change Skills Profile for eight years.

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Customise a 360 Leader/Manager Survey™

You can customise a Leader/Manager Survey™ to your needs, perhaps adding extra questions. We will be glad to assist.

Remember that you can map your own set of organisational capabilities, competencies or values onto the LeaderManager Model™.

Eight Leader/Manager Types™ for Leadership Assessment

Peter Farey’s self-scoring instrument identifying eight Leader/Manager Types™ is often used in conjunction with custom 360s to give managers an understanding of how their individual style preference may affect the way they are perceived by others. His Consultancy Roles and Types™ and Team Types™ instruments are also available.

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