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Recent Press Releases

1. OPSE Office (NSW) takes on PolicyPoint™ 

2. PolicyPoint wins KPMG, Konica Minolta and Australand  

3. PolicyPoint signs agreement with Leaderskill Group 

ZDNet Australia
Get with the policy, events office tells staff

Written by Renai LeMay  
Wednesday, 12 April 2006

The NSW Office of Protocol and Special Events (OPSE) will move to a Web-based system from Australian vendor PolicyPoint for ensuring its staff are up to date with critical event and corporate policies.

The organisation coordinates special events such as official visits and public service awards for the NSW Premier's department, and employs some 100-150 staff (including casuals for individual events).

The new solution is designed to ensure all staff are up to date on all of OPSE's operational policies, as well as information specific to each event the organisation manages.

The office's director of business development and communication Christopher Sullivan said in an e-mail interview with ZDNet Australia the solution would replace paper-based and other primitive online solutions.

"Prior to adopting PolicyPoint, OPSE relied on individual staff updating hardcopy procedural manuals, or sifting through a range of online services to find the information they needed," he said. "The accuracy or currency of that information could sometimes be in doubt," he added.

"OPSE was seeking a platform which would ensure consistency, currency and accuracy in its policies and procedures to all of its staff... Most critical are the compliance issues related to the staging of major public events."

PolicyPoint was selected due to its "ease of use and cost-efficiency", according to Sullivan, with the vendor assisting in the implementation. "We are just finalising the intensive period of establishing our modules where we expect we will become less reliant on that support," he said.

Sullivan said OPSE had successfully tested one module of PolicyPoint's solution.

"With that success we committed to developing another five modules, which are in the process of being finalised," he said. "We will roll those out to our staff over the coming months."

Sullivan advised other organisations considering a similar rollout not to underestimate the "investment in time and resources that must be made in the set-up stage".

"But the efforts put in at that end will ensure the quality, value and longevity of the product purchased," he concluded.

Source: http://www.zdnet.com.au/news/software/soa/Get_with_the_policy_events_office_tells_staff/0,2000061733,39251368,00.htm

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PolicyPoint announces major customer wins 

Written by Stan Beer 
Thursday, 02 March 2006

Internet-based compliance systems provider, PolicyPoint, has won deals with KPMG, Konica Minolta and Australand to document their policy procedures. 

Konica Minolta chose PolicyPoint to replace manual methods of policy training for 400 employees across ten Australian sites, involving Company Code of Conduct, Computer Code of Conduct and the Company Environment Policy.

PolicyPoint’s solution was chosen by Australand to deliver key employment policies, including Trade Practices, OHS, Workplace Harassment and Employment Relations, to 650 employees across four states and Asia.

KPMG announced the renewal of its existing PolicyPoint contract, which documents 60 policies and procedures to KPMG’s 4,500 staff across Australia.

“PolicyPoint is proud to have been chosen by such well-respected companies to ensure their policies are known and understood by their Australian operations,” said Andrew Stein, managing director, PolicyPoint. “It shows that we are gaining significant market momentum as more organisations recognise how our simple web-based system removes the frustration, cost and complexity of policy management. PolicyPoint is inexpensive to implement and manage, and removes the need for additional software, hardware, security or maintenance.

Source: http://www.itwire.com.au/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3488&Itemid=49

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Computer World
PolicyPoint signs agreement with Leaderskill Group  

Tuesday, 07 March 2006

PolicyPoint, a leading provider of internet based systems that ensure understanding of corporate policies and other vital knowledge, has entered into a strategic partnership with Leaderskill Group Pty Ltd – an Australian pioneer in the application of Accelerated Learning techniques for leaders and managers. The relationship is already providing a return on investment – in less than two weeks Leaderskill has already confirmed its first PolicyPoint client.

Currently PolicyPoint is used by large, distributed enterprises to deliver, test and monitor employee understanding of important information, such as policies. The partnership will see Leaderskill marketing PolicyPoint’s system to existing and new clients in SMEs through to large enterprises. Under the agreement, Leaderskill will hold the PolicyPoint licence, providing small business customers with a cost effective way to access PolicyPoint functionality and Leaderskill’s specialised content, as well as offering PolicyPoint directly to larger organisations.

“The agreement between PolicyPoint and Leaderskill Group will allow for PolicyPoint’s solutions to be promoted to a new customer area – the small business market,” said Andrew Stein, Managing Director, PolicyPoint. “Through Leaderskill, we plan to offer affordable systems to address the growing need from the SME market which also has critical knowledge that its people must know.”

Dr Ronald Forbes, Director of Leaderskill Group said, “We have not seen an e-learning system as powerful, flexible and easy-to-use as PolicyPoint. It provides a simple way of developing learning materials of any kind, with linked methods of assessment that ensure transfer of learning.

“It is fully automated with scores, reminders, reports – everything that is required to run a professional e-learning program. PolicyPoint’s solutions provide a fast approach to ensuring compliance, training outcomes and product knowledge,” Forbes said.

PolicyPoint enables organisations to minimise risk by scheduling and testing employee knowledge, and notifying management of any exceptions. It also frees managers to focus on core business by automating the whole process. For the user, PolicyPoint links with existing Information Management, HR and email systems to alert them of information they must know, directs them to the learning resources, reminds them when testing is due, conducts formal testing on-line, updates their histories and resets their testing schedules. It even provides online checklists for critical procedures.

Leaderskill Group has a strong history in survey design and the creation of innovative learning materials, spanning three decades. Leaderskill Group consultants have extensive experience in helping clients to identify their most important outcomes and in building the programs to best achieve them. They have a high level of technical expertise, administering and supporting large-scale e-learning and assessment programs in Australia and worldwide.


About PolicyPoint

PolicyPoint Pty Ltd is an Australian-based specialist in business tools that ensure comprehension of vital organisational knowledge. Its products are web-based, developed in conjunction with leading business consultants and delivered as ASPs.

PolicyPoint focuses on legal, financial, manufacturing and government, where its services are used extensively in leading organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

PolicyPoint has staff in Sydney, Brisbane and Wellington.


About Leaderskill Group Pty Ltd

Leaderskill Group is a pioneer in learning systems including 360 Facilitated which develop ‘Leaders/Managers’, connecting them with their teams and changing organisational climate.

Leaderskill Group believes that effective learning must be positive, involving, and a rewarding experience for all users.

Leaderskill Group administers large-scale e-learning and assessment programs in Australia and worldwide.


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Source: http://www.computerworld.com.au/index.php/id;1974365512

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